Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dance recital...

The girls had their dance recital last weekend.  It was a little crazy trying to figure out the scheduling - Miss S. is in Jazz and ballet, so she was in all 4 shows this year!  She did such a great job and loved every minute of it.  We have really enjoyed watching her progress and seeing the difference between this year and last.  It is amazing!  She has become quite the dancer.  She surprised us and told us she likes ballet more than jazz & tap.  It is usually the other way around, ballet is much more serious.  She loved her ballet routine this year, she danced to the love theme from Star Wars.  She said next year she wants to try hip-hop, we'll see!  We are so proud of her!

Miss H. just started her dance class in January and picked it up so quick.  We weren't surprised though, she dances everywhere.  She looked so cute up on the stage!  Her routine was to James Taylor's "How sweet it is" and it was! (so sweet.)  She did a great job and is so happy to dance.  She was the best little dancer there!

The highlight for Miss S. was meeting and talking with her favorite "rock star" (her words!), Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval.  He is a former student at her dance studio and has gone on to do well on "So you think you can dance" and his dance group Quest won this last seasons show "America's best Dance Crew."  He is an incredible dancer, we love watching him.  He was nice to the girls, especially since they kept staring, screaming, waving and trying to pictures every time he walked by.

Here they are in their costumes just after the first show on Friday night.  One of the best things about the recitals - they get to finally wear makeup!

Me and Miss S.  after her Jazz performance on Saturday night.  She is getting so big.
Here is Miss S. with her BFF and D-Trix.  You can see how happy she is with her favorite dancer!
Miss H. waiting to get ready for her Saturday night performance.

I cant help it, but I get teary eyed every time they get on stage.  They are so cute together.

Here they are with Dad after the Saturday night performance.

And Grandma and Grandpa!

Me and Miss H. right before she went on stage.

Dominic was trying to be nice and take a picture with Miss H.  She refused.  I thought maybe if I went with her - nope.  She is actually trying to escape my arms.

Was it worth it?

We waited an hour and a half to take this picture at the mall Saturday.  But, I can't say no to a princess...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We love dad!

We had fun celebrating and trying to spoil dad on Father's day.  The kids were excited to pick out gifts and have a special day for him.  We are so grateful for all he does for our family.  He makes us all happy and we love him so much!
Aren't they cute together!
Miss S helped me decorate for him - she wrote him a note on the chalkboard sign and helped me make a really fun tie banner.  He picked pull-aparts for breakfast, our favorite! (the recipe is on my new blog.) Here are the morning jammie shots.  They can't ever wait to open the presents!

My family all came over at night for dinner and we all celebrated a little more.  Here are all the kiddos with Grandpa for father's day!  We love him too!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just because I am not busy enough, I have decided to start a new blog!  I am writing a food blog just for fun!  I am going to post my favorites - then when I am out of town they will all be accessible.  And I can't wait to get them all printed out into "my own" cookbook.  You are all welcome to check it out and share my favorites!  Just click HERE!

Annual Soccer Summer Party!

We are so lucky to be part of such a great soccer "family."  Every year Coach Rich has all of us over to his house for a pool party & we wouldn't miss it!  The kids have a great time, love being together and I love seeing all my friends too.  Here are all the girls with their coaches in their picture corner (they take pics here every year, I should pull some old ones out) - they sure are looking big!  Can't wait for next year!

Here is Miss S with her best friend!
I LOVE this picture!  She jumped off the rock, extended her legs, pointed her toes and then smiled for me.  A dancer even in the air.
My favorite boy...
Miss H was loving spending time with the older girls, especially C.  She is so sweet to her!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last day, yeah!

I can't begin to explain how happy I am school is out.  I feel just as excited as I did when I was in school!  I feel like I can finally breathe and many of my responsibilities have gone away.   

 This year has been great.  Both of the kids had amazing teachers!  We have loved being a part of a new school, it has provided many advantages.  We feel a lot of school pride and have loved the "old town" feel to our school.  With only 280 kids this first year, there have been many things the kids could not have experienced anywhere else.  They all ate, had recess, assemblies and so much more as an entire student body. They got to know everyone, regardless of grade and it made our new neighborhood so much better.   

Here they are, ready to go to their last day of 1st and 4th grade.
This is a pic for some of my friends who didn't understand my description!  This is a paint can and a clipboard that I modge podged with cardstock, then filled with cookies.  The best part is the chalkboard on the backside of the clipboard!  
Mr. T with his teacher.  After this picture he told us that he was ready to go home and play Guitar Hero.  I asked him why and he said he wanted to play "School's out!"  Funny kid.
Miss S (in her favorite shirt) and her teacher.  I can't believe she is a 5th grader now!  She is certainly starting to act like she is older!



I love this face...

Our princess let me take her out for a little photo shoot and I got some good ones.  Here are some of my favorites...


Mr. T went to school with a mohawk and came home with a mustache.  I had to laugh when I saw him.  He looks like he should be lifting weights at the circus.

He begged me to give him a mohawk so he could look like a friend in his class.  I gave him a partial - normal in back, the hawk on top.  I like it.  But I am a little biased, he is always stinkin cute to me.

We're the dancers...

Ever since the Justin T. skit on SNL, my kids love to use that line any chance they get.  It never fails to get a laugh.  

Here is one of our dancers.  She and her friend had jazz pictures and had to get in their full costume with makeup - which is something that makes them so happy!  I can't believe how big these girls are.  They have been best friends for five years now and it seems like this last year they have grown up.  I love it that she has such a great friend.  There is nothing better.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our defender

Mr. T finished his second season of farm baseball & he did it with a bang!  His team was able to keep the other team scoreless and he got all 3 of the outs while playing 1st base the last inning.  He played amazing this year and had a great time with his team.   He is turning into quite an athlete!

Our lefty batter!

Again, are my kids trained or what!  Run through first, then smile for mom.  Love it!


I have been finding a lot of notes around the house lately.  They are usually on post it notes & they always make me laugh!  It seems most of them have to do with food or the wii.  Can you guess who is leaving them for me?  Here are a couple of them...

Preschool Show

Our princess had her last day of preschool at "teacher Cathy's".  The kids put on a cute show for the parents - they sang, recited poems and had all the moves to go with them!  I loved it. 

She has had a great year at preschool.  She made lots of friends and finally had a chance to have her own activity.  She is already missing it!  Thank goodness she will be back at "teacher Cathy's" in the fall! 

I love these pictures because they completely capture her personality.  The class had to wait a minute to start the program, so instead of coming back to us or playing with the other kids, she danced.  She danced and was totally oblivious of anyone watching her.  Seriously, she makes me smile.

The princess and her favorite teacher ever!!