Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Okay, I know its been a long time. The thing is, I got behind. I had a list of things that I needed to blog about & then before I knew it the list grew longer and longer. It made me tired. So, I just didn't do it. I really did want to, I was just a little lazy. I had a million other commitments that were screaming at me.

I had a great spring break doing exactly what I wanted.   My time was spent resting, playing, bike riding, reading, rock band playing, movie watching, egg hunting, cuddling, dancing, laughing and eating - it was the best. A whole week with no school, preschool, jazz class, ballet, baseball, or tap classes. Wow, I really needed it. Now I can get back to the routine with a little more energy. And I am tired of people getting mad at me, so I guess I can blog too. :-)

Here is a little of what has been going on around here the last couple of months...with pictures, of course.

Miss S turned 10. Really, 10. I cant believe it. She is such a great girl. She has the best heart and is always trying to make the right decision. She cares about others so much and is constantly trying to make those around her happy. She is so smart too! I am so proud of her.

We have a seriously cute face around this house. It started off looking like this one - snaggle tooth and all.

And then turned into this toothless smile. Although, not for long. The big ones are already on their way & let me tell you they are BIG (I saw his x-ray!) It makes me a little sad. I love his baby face, and it is gone. I wish I could freeze time and keep him like this. He always has a twinkle in his eyes. He is a happy, cute and sweet little boy. I love him.

My little miss H started ballet classes and she loves it! This picture makes me smile because it is just her. It gives you a glimpse of her personality. She is constantly singing, dancing and skipping. Skipping down the hall, skipping down the street, skipping in the store...little curls bouncing. She is just a happy little girl & she makes me happy.

I had two kids with some CRAZY hair! This is always our favorite spirit day!

Someone was a little too tired. She had a rough day and fell asleep on time-out. Poor, cute baby.

Mr. T went right from playing basketball with his favorite coach ever - dad (which he absolutely loves!!)


To playing baseball, which he loves too. He is great this year! He has made probably 90 percent of the plays for his team and is really doing well. We have noticed a huge difference in him this last year with sports. He has such confidence and isn't afraid to be aggressive. I have such fun watching him!

Miss S got to get all dressed up and go out with her favorite date, dad. They attended the daddy daughter dance at the school. It was an amazing event put together for the girls and their dads. They danced the night away & even won the prize for the limbo. I would have loved to have watched that!

It is just too cute.