Monday, September 29, 2008

Our home

I have been getting quite a few requests for pictures of the new house, so here they are. We are feeling settled now and are loving it here. We feel very blessed and amazed to have been able to make this move & especially to sell our other house! We miss our old neighbors and ward, but are having fun meeting new friends too. One day when our life calms down (yeah, right!) we are going to have everyone over. Promise!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I didn't think so...

but maybe I am...

H: "Mom, will you turn on this movie for me?"

Me: "Sure H, just a second, I want to finish reading this."

H: HUGE sigh & then, "My mom is so crabby."

Friday, September 19, 2008

I love this boy...

There are so many things I love about my sweet little guy. He is so smart, kind, funny and good. I miss him while he is in school all day long, I am still not used to it. These are some of the things about him that make me smile...

- Everyday after school he runs out the gate and buries his face in my waist while he hugs me. He will hug me the whole time we wait for his sister to come out of class. It makes me melt every time he does it.

- When we are walking to and from school he always holds my hand and tells me all about his "recess adventures."

- Everyday he has that little boy right off the playground smell. You know, the one that smells like a mix of blacktop, sweat, crayons and monkey bars.

- He has a laugh that makes you smile. And what I love, is the way his older sister can make him gut laugh like no one else.

- He has a memorized little spiel he says to us every night when he is going to bed.

- He loves to sleep in my bed with me when daddy is gone.

- He wakes up super early on the weekends (to watch cartoons) and then is soo tired on school days.

- He is legitimately proud of himself when he does something good. I hope he is always able to be happy with himself!

- When he makes a goal, he accomplishes it! For example, in order to play Rock Band he needed to learn the 100 words for 1st grade. He got the words, studied them and learned them in one day - no joke.

- He is really good at Rock Band!

- He has specific directions for his hair every day. Some days he likes it to the side, some days all spikes - but ALWAYS wants the front spiked up. Pete and I were laughing at Back to school night because every picture he drew of himself had his hair perfectly spiked in the front.

- He only wants to wear a suit on Sunday and he loves it when he and his dad wear matching colors.

- He tries so hard to be good and is really sensitive and sweet. If he thinks I am unhappy he can't handle it. He will always give in when he thinks it will make one of us happy. My mom and I always talk about how we hope he marries a nice girl and not one who bosses him around!

- He is always grateful, well, most of the time. And he is so happy for the little things - like homemade milkshakes, they make him so happy.

I think I could keep going on and on... I just love him.

I had to take a picture of him after school today because he came home so dirty! His school shirt actually looks grey instead of white (although the camera didn't really capture the filth.) I am glad their new school finally picked their school colors. Maybe we can get a new shirt!

Friday, September 5, 2008

We are going to miss this...

We had a great Labor day swimming at my parents house. The kids LOVE to swim, they are fish. Even H, she can swim without any help across the entire pool, pretty amazing for a 3 year old! They have so much fun going over to grandma and grandpa's house. Not only for the swimming, but they get to roam the backyard there and just be outside. There have been a couple of times this year when T has caught a lizard and had it climbing all over him. It is just a fun place to be. I love it too, and have gotten spoiled this summer because every time we went over my parents fed us!

In fact, a couple of weeks ago we were there and my parents were busy. H noticed they were not hanging out with us and asked where they were. I told her they were busy and she said, "But, they didn't bring us out any food!" She really is my daughter - she knows how important food is! Thanks mom & dad for a really fun summer in your backyard!! We are already looking forward to next summer.