Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We will miss them...

We went to the park yesterday with our great friends who are getting ready to move to Utah. Over the last 6 years Stephanie and I have watched our kids and our families grow and have become better friends. She is an amazing person and there is so much about her that I admire. She is kind, smart, beautiful, generous and an awesome mom. There have been many times when I dont know what I would have done without her. I am so lucky to have her for my friend. I am excited for them to move and start their new adventure, but I am going to miss her and her cute kids a lot - and I know my kids will too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jonas Brothers...

Who would have known it would have been so fun? My friend Kellie called and invited me & S to go to the Jonas brothers concert with her and her daughter. S was so excited to go to another concert with her best friend. Two years ago they invited us to Kelly Clarkson and it was a blast, so she was ready to do it again. I went into this concert not really expecting to like it as much, but I have to say, I am kind of a fan now. They are pretty cute boys and they play their own instruments and write songs. S is a huge fan now, she was always afraid to say she liked them before because they are boys - and boys are gross. But not now, she is openly admitting her fondness for them, although I still cant get her to tell me which one she likes the best. Because she cant handle the word "like" being used for any boy, even a Jonas brother. H on the other hand, will tell you immediately she is a Nick fan, she already thinks she is 9 too. Thank you so much Kellie for inviting us, we love you guys!

The girls in front of the tour bus before the show.

On the grass, waiting for the show to start!

The girls made their own signs on napkins, they say "Jonas brothers, you rock!"

This was their faces when the pyrotechnics started and the boys came on stage!

I love this picture, they are both in the air!

They started playing their favorite song, "burnin up"!


This is during the 2 HOUR drive home, crazy!!