Sunday, April 6, 2008

Marathon Post!

I have been wanting to post these pictures for a month and haven't had the time, so I am going to do them all at once. It is a huge post, so be warned!

T got the "Coyote of the Month" award and was so proud! It was so cute because when all the kids walked into the room, he saw us there he knew he was getting an award & he couldn't stop smiling. He has the best kindergarten teacher ever, we love Mrs. Moore! He absolutely loves going to school! He loves to learn and is always writing stories and leaving notes all over the house. My favorite was last week for S's birthday - he wrote her a card all by himself and it said "Happy birthday. 9 roxks. You are mi besd sisr." It was so sweet, I loved it. I love him!

He finished up his basketball season and had so much fun. He loves to play basketball. He especially loves it because dad is the coach! He loves his time spent with dad!

Pete's brother Jim turned 50 and his wife Diane surprised him with a trip to Monterey. We met them there for a couple of days and had a wonderful time! It was great spending time with them, and you cant help but enjoy the surroundings. I remember it being beautiful, but actually it is amazing. I could have stayed and taken pictures of everything in view, it was all incredible.

This is the oldest working lighthouse on the west coast. I loved it! It was so pretty.

This is the sign on the beach we walked on in Carmel - it would be enough to keep me out of the water - but not Jim!

This is Jim DIVING into the huge waves on the same beach as the death sign!

This is my very favorite picture from our trip. It summarizes the entire trip! Jim loves the water and I think he could have sat there the entire time. I am so glad he got to come and we got to share his big birthday with him! We love him.

This is Pete's heaven. One day he will play golf here and he will be content!

For Christmas one of my presents was to go and see Dana Carvey! I have loved him since I was in junior high (so, a long time). It ended up being even better than I expected. He came to a little venue here in town where you sit down at tables and eat and listen. We got to sit at the table right in front of the stage, it was actually attached to it. We were so close to him, we were in the spotlights! It was so much fun and we had a blast. He was working on material for an HBO special he is shooting soon, so it was cool to hear new stuff. He makes me laugh just looking at him!

This is how I have been finding H lately. She is really starting to love reading. Her new favorite books are...Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy and anything from the movie Enchanted. Can you tell what kind of a girl she is? She loves anything pink, sparkly, frilly and princesses. She makes me happy.

Over spring break my mom, sister and I took all the kids to the little zoo in town. They had a great time! They love this zoo because it is always filled with roaming chickens and peacocks they can chase. Here they are in their cheesiest pose!

Riding on the train - it was really fun for the little ones!

I love my close ups!

S just finished up her second round of indoor soccer. She has such a great time playing with all her friends. She is so lucky because she has found an amazing team. They have been together for 3 full seasons now and they just click. They are sweet to each other and enjoy playing together, it is so fun to watch them. She has learned a lot too and has a great time playing different positions, a couple of the games she played defender, mid field and forward all in one game!

We met one of my best friends at the park over break and the kids got to play. H loves to play with Lindsay, aren't they cute! They are going to be in pre-school together next fall, I cant believe it!

T got this cape from a wonderful friend and was so excited. He wore it all day & even to the park, I loved it. How great to be able to play pretend and have so much fun, I hope he can keep doing that for a long time.

You can't really tell, but T has a real doozy of a fat lip in this picture! He and Pete were playing catch and the ball went over his glove and smacked him in the mouth. I felt so bad for him! He is a really funny little guy too, he has always been aware of how he looks. Ever since he was two he has been telling me how to do his hair. So, when he woke up and knew it was our church's easter egg hunt and his lip was still really fat he was nervous to go. So funny!

My mom puts together an amazing Easter egg hunt for all the grandkids every year. This year she outdid herself and spoiled them rotten! They left her house looking like it was Christmas! They played in the backyard and had so much fun together. He is a picture of all of them right before the hunt!

This Easter was extra special because it was also my mom's birthday! We found the stats for having Easter this early in the year and it was something like - it hasn't been this early for 90 years and wont be this early again for another 200 years. So it was kind of cool for her. Doesn't she look beautiful!

Don't let their sweet faces fool you. When they get together they are Trouble! It is so great for me to see them all together, I love it. They are the cutest girls. Macie just turned 3, H is 3 in May and Olivia is 3 in December. They are going to love each other forever!

Our dipped strawberries and bunny cupcakes!

S class at school raised steelhead to release back into the river. Here she is with her "fish" right before she let it go. The best thing was a couple of days later when she told me she missed the fish in her classroom. I asked her why she missed them and she told me she missed her favorite fish - it had a "scrunched face and it used to stare at me" she said. Then she told me she was lucky because she got to release her favorite one into the river. O.K., did you see that fish in her cup? There were a hundred of them in a bucket and the teachers were passing them out! I am so glad she got her favorite with the scrunched face!

S had a sleep over for her birthday. She invited just a couple of friends and they came with their "American girl" dolls to play. I thought they would want to do a couple of cool activities I planned, but this is what they looked like the entire night. My sister bought her the game Mall Madness for her birthday and it was a huge hit! They played it over and over the whole night. Thanks Angie, love you!

Here they are in the morning with their dolls!

S decided she didn't want any cake for her birthday, but she wanted a "huge creampuff" instead!

This is Pete's new toy, he is so happy. I can't remember seeing him as happy as he was when he drove it home. He is a huge car guy, so I am glad he finally got a fun one. It is much better to drive than the 2 minivans we have in the garage - so not cool. Now at least we can pretend to be young and cool! I think he looks pretty hot in it!

T is our Guitar Hero! He really rocks, he just made it to medium level!

He cracks me up when he plays, he tries to hot-dog and dance at the same time!