Monday, February 7, 2011

Polar Bear Swim 2010

On New Years Eve day, Pete came in from testing the pool water and told me he would pay the kids $20 to jump in the 45 degree pool. I told him he was crazy and to offer them $5! He gave them the offer and they were downstairs in their swimsuits within a minute!

I don't think they quite understood how cold the water was! It took a couple minutes to convince them, but Syd jumped in first. Her reaction was great, but was nothing compared to Hal's! She didn't even let us know that she was going to jump in. She was seriously out of the water before we realized she had even jumped. She was not happy with the cold water! Her reaction was so funny, I don't think Pete and I have laughed that hard in a long time! Tommy made it in after he stopped laughing too.

They survived, got to jump into a warm shower and then turned in their prize money for a dinner at Red Robin. We have a new family tradition!


lorelie said...

That's hilarious!!!! I love it! Your pics are perfect!

Cadle Clan said...

That's a great tradition!!

Herlehy Family said...

Great tradition, I am sure that the kids will talk about this tradition for many years to come. Adorable photos!

Raimi said...

I'm glad you posted this (after telling us about it).That is so funny! Your kiddos are such good sports. I am guessing that they will up the money deal in the years to come :-).

OLIVIA said...

I can't believe they ALL did it! Fun memories!

Laurie said...

That is fantastic! Brave kids!

HMichaelsen said...

So cute! I would have been laughing too! I swear if we had a pool, my son would swim all winter, no matter how cold it is!

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